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Flexible Business Model


Thinknicity understands companies must continuously focus on human capital optimization in order to achieve success in the marketplace.  We are dedicated to helping our clients quickly solve these challenges by providing them top talent from our premier network of highly-skilled professionals.

We offer a flexible and scalable on-demand workforce model which allows our clients to manage resources during fluctuating business cycles.  We deliver talent expertise whether the project requires an individual or building an entire team. We identify the most highly skilled Technology and Life Science professionals for our clients who need assistance in several flexible business models:

  1. Individual Contract or Project-Oriented Consulting:  Long or short term projects on an hourly time and material basis
  2. Project-Oriented / Team Consulting:  Supporting long or short term key project initiatives on an hourly and time and material basis
  3. Consultant to Hire: When a consultant proves to be perfect for your organization   
  4. Direct Hire Services: When adding an employee to your core team
  5. Payroll Service:  When you’ve identified or referred a consultant you’d like us to manage (Inc or W2)
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